• Associate Professor of Comparative Literature – Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
  • Habilitation for Full Professor – Agencia Nacional de Evaluación de Calidad y Acreditación

Honorary positions


P5191203 – Literary & cultural transfers: Galician magic realism

© Urbano Lugrís, “Serea alada” (1946)

I’ve been teaching this MA seminar since 2016. Students get familiar with magic realism as a travelling concept and see the emergence of magic realism in Galicia (including the diaspora) in relation to Latin America. The seminar addresses films (Crebinsky) and literary works by Cristina Sánchez-Andrade, Manuel Rivas, Ramón Otero Pedrayo, and Rafael Dieste. Syllabus

G5401609 – Comparative literature: The Holocaust

I’ve been teaching this introductory BA seminar to comparative literature since 2016. Students are introduced to the basics of comparative literature by reading works by Primo Levi, Jorge Semprún, Ledicia Costas, Bernhard Schlink, Jorge Volpi, and Philip Roth. Attention is also paid to the relations of literature with other arts (children’s drawings from Therezin) and disciplines (especially, literature and law). Syllabus

G5041202 – Key concepts of literary theory & comparative literature

I’ll be teaching this introductory BA seminar for second-year students for the first time starting in Spring 2020. The aim of the seminar is to introduce students to concepts such as postmodernism, globalisation, world literature, and mass culture.

G5041611 – Ecocriticism

© Iain Colquhoun, Galicia rural

I’ve taught this introductory BA seminar “Ecocriticism: Literature and the environment” between 2016 and 2019. The seminar is particularly enshrined in the situation of Galicia, a country in which nature plays a key identitarian role. Syllabus

Students’ evaluations (1=minimum score; 5=highest score)

BA seminars

MA seminar

Besides the U de Santiago de Compostela, I’ve also taught BA, MA, and doctoral courses at the U of Wisconsin-Madison, CUNY-The Graduate Center, U degli Studi di Roma ‘La Sapienza’, Sichuan U, Aarhus U, and U de Bourgogne.